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Well, I am still trucking along, following this diet pretty damn well. That’s damn near one of my biggest diet feats, ever. There was a period where I ate really strict paleo, but I typically suck at trying these new crazy things.

Honestly, it’s been really enjoyable. I’ve loved the journey thus far. But as said before, I’m weird. I love the suck when I know or am very confident the other side will be greater. What I mean by that is suffering through shit doesn’t bother me one bit when I know I will be better on the other end. It’s why I love working out. It’s why I love very intensely learning new things. If someone told me I can’t eat for a month, but it means my body will have developed a way to fight a disease within in, I would be all over that shit.

Let me also note that I was not perfect and will never attempt to forgive my happiness of life for a diet.

I had two beers with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. They also fell outside of the fasting time.

My lunch was two rolls of sushi with another friend I hadn’t seen in years.

And it didn’t bother me one bit. I was okay with this because I knew I was zeroed in the rest of the time.

So what has made this journey so enjoyable

More time

I would eat all the time. waking up eating. Then snacks. Lunch. More snacks. Dinner. More snacks. It was so time-to consume. Those who don’t know me, I’m a huge proponent of maximizing time.

Now I wake up and just get after it. Whether it’s writing, reading, working out. I don’t worry about what I’m going to eat first. That’s easily an hour from my morning right there.

I genuinely feel I have more time in the day, and it’s been great.

I feel great

My body has never felt better (besides getting the flu this week). I have more energy all the time. The mornings I feel very alert. I don’t have crashes anymore. This is most likely from skipping out on all the sugar.

My physical appearance is also improving. My body feels learner, which for me, always leads to more confidence.

Less shit to think about

This is my favorite improvement of my life through the journey. Outside of 11-7, I never have to think about my food, where I’m going for my next meal, do I have any food in the house I can eat. I can fully focus on my life and what I want to do.

Having a cheat day has made me more strict

Today (Friday) is one day before my cheat day. I was in the Denver airport and I really wanted pizza. Typically, I wouldn’t have hesitated. The thought in my head would be “well I’m traveling. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.” But now it’s “Ah, just suck it up and you’ll get pizza tomorrow.” It was so easy! I ended up eating steak and two sides of broccoli and a restaurant.

My sleep

I’ve been sleeping really well. I’m traditionally not a good sleeper, but boy has I been going straight to bed. And it’s not like I’m exhausted and going to bed really early from not eating. I’m laying down and immediately falling asleep. I can’t count on one hand the number of times this has happened in the last 10 years. It’s just not normal for me.

Now What hasn’t been so good

I feel calorie deficient a lot

I understand one of the goals of fasting is it’s easier to become calorie deficient. But some days when I’m really busy, I struggle to get in a lot of calories. I don’t count my calories and probably never will, but my guess would be I ended a few days at 1200-1500 calories. A man of my size, minimum should be 2000 but probably pushing 2200-2500. It’s something I strongly need to work on to make this whole process work.

Struggle to get enough water

Getting enough water is a struggle for most of us, but it felt harder this week. Now I was also in Denver which is a much high elevation that Phoenix. Higher elevation traditional creates more dehydration, so it was probably a combination, but I wasn’t drinking enough water all week. Maybe half a gallon a day when I really need to be at 1 full gallon.

Good hydration is especially important while fasting as we typically get water from food, which we are not getting as much of or as frequent.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this transition and will definitely follow it for a long time. My body feels great with no carbs and now I have an excuse to eat a good amount of goat cheese.