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No doubt about it, Entourage is a show about entrepreneurship (there will be spoilers).

If you have no idea what show I’m talking about, it’s an HBO series from the early 2000’s about an actor trying to make it in Hollywood accompanied by his 3 friends. A movie spin-off was done a few years ago to cap off the series.

In this show, Vince (the actor), starts off on the bottom, making his first movie. You watch as he rises through the ranks, crashes down, rises again, crashes again, rises again…You get the point.

You watch as this man, who has such a passion for life, fights for what he believes in, what he feels destined to do. Watch him go broke, fight through the hard times, reach pinnacles. You watch this roller coaster of a life which is exponentially relatable to anyone who is an entrepreneur.

How Entourage is related to entrepreneurship

In every way, being an Actor is being an entrepreneur. Same with a professional athlete, comedians and dog walkers.

The word entrepreneur is a bit inflated. We think of it as someone who raises capital, has employees, self-loathing on social media calling themselves an entrepreneur.

To me, it’s anyone who has taken control of their life, understands they are dictating the outcomes. Once you’re in control and making decisions on a future goal, in my mind, you’re an entrepreneur of your life.

  1. As an actor in respect to Entourage, you start from the bottom, proving your ranks, your chops.

Mostly doing shit movies to get your name and face out there. Roles continually get a bit a better, pay gets better, then you land the holy one, the Catalina Wine Mixer of movies.

This path is no different than anyone in the entrepreneurship stratosphere. You start thinking you’re good, but soon realize you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. You need to figure it out as you go and be confident you have what it takes.

2. You need to have people around you that you can trust.

Eric (referred to “E”) is Vince’s best friend and manager. He’s also surrounded by an Agent whom he considers a friend, his brother and another friend.

These folks around Vince keep him sane, help him make good decisions, guide him out of bad times. They work for him, trying to grow his brand, his image, to reach heights they all know he’s capable of.

To that, the show puts on a display of how being surrounded by people you love is what makes life perfect. It’s not the job, the money, the cars. It’s other humans.

In business, we can often put on blinders, think because we have the skills, we don’t need anyone else. But you really do need support, people you can trust to bounce ideas off, talk to in hard times, be that rock. A wife, husband, partner, business partner, mentor. You may have the chops to do this on your own, but it’s so much more fun when you have people to join the ride with you.

3. Trust your gut

Several times in the series Vince and his friends are faced with tough decisions on what movie to take or not to take. Several times they waiver, taking the safe route, initially, but then always retracting and going with their gut, what they feel is the best decision for their future.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But the show makes it clear they are okay with what happened because they thought it was the right decision.

What you learn is that going with your gut, your decision, no matter the outcome, you did it for you. You did it because you truly believed that was the best decision for your life.

When you make decisions to follow your gut, it’s hard to ever regret a decision, because you know why you made it.

When you make decisions based on other people, you now start blaming them, then blaming yourself for listening to them. Don’t blame yourself, just follow your gut.

4. You don’t need to be a millionaire when you’re 20.

Turtle (A friend of Vince’s) is a character who spends most of the show getting high and never having a job. He’s a good friend with a good heart but is a little lost in life. He feels like he has something inside him that can create something huge, but just hasn’t let it out.

In the last couple seasons, he starts to hit his stride (believe he’s around 30 years old). Starts a couple businesses, one of which fails, but hits a home-run on a tequila company. Like a walk-off home run, game 7 of the World Series home run.

Now, he’s this savvy businessman knowing what he’s good at what his calling in life is.

Today, too many of us are inflated with getting rich young, hitting a home run when you’re 20 or already thinking your life is a failure.

It’s okay to have no idea what you’re doing when you’re 20. I’m 28 as I write this and still have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m okay with that.

What’s important is you keep a good frame a mind, keep working hard, work on yourself, build knowledge, learn things, try new projects, fail at new projects. Just don’t stop improving!

Eventually, something will pop for you, your aha moment. And in that moment of bliss, you’ll know that everything you’ve been doing leads you to this exact moment of your life.

5. You can be down, but you’re never out of the fight.

A couple times in the show, Vince is pretty down in his career. But one point in particular, after making a really bad movie and foreseeing little hope of ever getting an acting job again, he’s hitting rock bottom.

Starts to blame his friends for his demise, depression, not believing in the process, upset the world knows he’s failed as an Actor.

He eventually lands a monster movie based off of things he did in a failed movie. His career takes off.

When you know what where you’re going, you can be down, but you can always keep moving forward. It’s okay to be down, life is hard, but you need to keep the right mind frame, understand where you want to be, and start taking little steps to get you back on the right track.

Failing is going to happen, but through every failure, you learn more. Don’t intentionally fail, but do enough to where failing a few times is okay.