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Picture is from snowboarding in Keystone on my trip to Denver. no lack of energy from diet.

Well, I was hungry a lot the first couple of days. And I mean a lot. I got really cranky, more like hangry.

The struggle the first couple of days

First couple of days I was hungry…A lot. I got really cranky, too. I think that’s called hangry.

I was eating 4-5 eggs and mixed veggies for breakfast, which was around 11. I cooked the eggs in about a tablespoon of grass-fed, unsalted butter. I did bulletproof coffee which is butter and MCT oil. I get a ton of fat from my breakfast and it’s truly when I feel the most energy throughout the day.

My cheat day

My cheat day, which was a Saturday, ended up being a day I was traveling to Denver. I stayed on my same fasting schedule, which is roughly 11-7. I ate a jalapeño popper burger and fries from Four Peaks at the Phoenix airport. No matter what, airport food is not that great but this did the trick for me.

When I arrived in Denver, my dinner was pizza and chicken wings. My desert was Sea Salt and Vinegar chips (my 2nd favorite to Hot Cheetos).

What I’ve been eating while traveling

This is truly the most difficult part. When I’m traveling for work, I spend most of my day in the car. I guess in theory I could meal prep when traveling, but I don’t.

I carry around a bag of almonds and munch on them throughout the day.

At least once a day I get a salad from Chipotle. I do Black Beans, the veggies, chicken or steak, a couple salsas and guacamole. It’s very close to what falls in line with Ketosis and that’s good enough for me.

My other meal is usually something from a restaurant, like a steak of fish dish, or I get Wholefoods. If I go to Wholefoods, I get a salad topped with a lot of eggs and feta cheese. The dressing is usually some type of vinaigrette or an oil based dressing.

By the naked eye, I’ve noticed a change in my body and I feel the change. My energy has been through the roof. I thought when I was starving, I would have no energy but that’s not the case. I’m focused and ready to go!