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It doesn’t feel like internet marketing has changed in, well, as long as digital marketing has been around.

You find the small changes, optimizing for mobile searches, different engines starting ads (Youtube, Snapchat, etc.). But the core of it all hasn’t changed much. Run PPC directed at your target audience, which your target audience obviously knows are ads.

And then you have SEO. The most organic way to get in front of customers, but very difficult to master and can be extremely costly with a guessing game of when and if it will ever work.

The problem with SEO is every major player in your industry is also paying someone to do SEO, so now it’s a test of who is the best and who is spending the most money. Not really a battle most people want to get involved with.

These have been the major payers in the marketing space the last few years…But now there’s a new player on the block.

Auto Suggest Marketing

If you’re familiar with marketing, you’ll catch on quick. If not, you’ll still catch on quick.

AutoSuggest marketing works with major search engines. As you’re typing in your search, these major search engines

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drop down a box of auto suggestions they feel you might want to search for based on what you’ve typed in so far.

AutoSuggest marketing has the ability to show an auto-suggestion tailored to your brand! Pretty freaking cool!


It doesn’t look like marketing!

Anyone who has run PPC campaigns knows click-through rates are not great. And the reason why is people hate clicking on ads! It’s just the way the human brain is wired.

This is so perfect because nobody thinks it’s marketing!

They only think it’s social proof.

A consumer looks at this and thinks, either everyone else in the world is searching for them because they are the best or Google is suggesting them because they are the best. Either way, I’m checking them out.

You then dominate the first page of Google

The search result page is always a struggle with marketing. There are so many places for a customer to click, 20-30 different links sometimes!

Traditionally, if you’re good at marketing and have a big budget, you’d have an ad on the first page, then hopefully 1 link on the first page. That’s great, you now own 2 of 20 spots for someone to click. Not exactly odds I’m loving.

With auto-suggest, that’s eliminated in many cases! There are companies that take up the entire first page of Google, including all the ads, when their auto-suggest is clicked.

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By having a customer click the auto-suggest and then only see links to your site, there is 100% chance they are clicking on something of yours.

93% of searchers click on the first 3 organic links.

This is huge and really makes a lot of old-school SEO practices irrelevant. If the promise is to get you on page 1 of Google, there are still 7 spots that you could be in but are essentially dead to the searcher.

If you have a marketing budget, auto suggest needs to be a part of it.

AutoSuggest cost pennies compared to what you get in return. It’s an integral part of your marketing campaign that will boost your entire campaign, from SEO to conversions.