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Two Tim Ferriss task down and onto the next. I’ve continued to do my day 1 task, with adding in fear setting, which will only be done once a month or once a quarter.

My next task will be 5-morning habits to do. I’ve read this section before, tried to implement. Ultimately, I’ve been lazy about staying consistent on them.

Fear setting review P. 463

Fear setting was really eye opening and I’m really glad I did it.

Page 1

Page 1 is identifying what you want to do and the fears that go along with doing said thing. You then define each fear, how you could prevent that fear and how you could repair it if it did happen.

My big “to do” item was continue to start my consulting business. It’s been hard, financially, but a dream of mine for a while, which is why I focused my thoughts around it.

I came up with 8 fears. What I realized is that most of my fears are centered around money. Not being able to pay bills, mortgage¬†etc. As I was writing them out, I thought, this is crazy. Money should never be the reason I don’t chase something I’ve dreamed about for years. In a matter of minutes, I already made up my mind that it was crazy not to chase this dream. Financials can always be figured out or taken care of by a part time job, another stream of income etc.

Page 2

For page 2, you’re directed to write out what might be some benefits of a partial success to your “to do” item. The list was endless. There were so many long term benefits, understanding businesses, flexibly hours, healthy life, long term partnerships. I could go on forever.

I’m playing the long game. I’m okay suffering now if it means I can be happy longer in the future.

Page 3

Page 3 is all about looking at your life, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years down the road if you don’t do your “to do” item. It was depressing. The impact I thought which would be most profound for me was a disappointment in myself. Disappointment for not going for it. Disappointment¬†for taking the safe road. I saw myself being really unhappy in another role, thinking every day about how stupid I was for giving up.

That’s simply a feeling I’m not willing to live with. I’d much rather try and fail then not try at all.

Fear setting summary

This was a really, really great exercise. Within minutes, I already knew what I needed to do and my mind has been clear since doing it.

Start of the 5-morning habits P. 143

As mentioned, I’ve read this section before do some of the suggestions already, but do know I need to be better about it.

#1 – Make your bed

The theory behind this is, if you make your bed first thing in the morning, you’re already accomplished the very first task of the day.

I’m pretty good about this already, but I could make my bed with a little more ‘precision’.

#2 – Meditate

Meditation is important at any time during the day. I always avoided doing this in the morning with fear of falling back as sleep. I’m going to start trying the morning process in hopes it awakens my creativity and helps identify what really needs to be done each done.

#3 – Do 5-10 reps of something

The idea is you’re getting your body primed, nervous system ready to go. Can be push-ups, situps, air squats, just something that moves you. I’m going with push-ups!

#4 Prepare “Titanium Tea”

Said tea is to help with cognition and fat loss. I don’t have the ingredients for this tea so I’m going to make something else called Liquid Gold, which is on Dr. Axe’s site. It’s a mixture of turmeric, ghee and honey (along with some other stuff), and turns out really good. It’s great for the GI system. The recipe is here.

#5 – 5 minute Journal

The 5-minute journal is an actual journal, which can be found here on Amazon, but you can easily write it out in a spare notebook. The purpose of this is the answer for questions that make you think about your day and yourself. You then answer similar questions before you go to bed. I have the 5-minute journal but am really, really bad at doing it every day.


I’m really excited to hone in on my morning routine. I know it’s important but have never been all that great about following through.