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I am officially 9 days away. I have a one-way ticket to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from the United States. Just me and my puppy on an adventure I’ve dreamed of for the last 5 years.

The usual response I get is “that’s amazing, I wish I could do it”.

Frankly, there’s no reason you can’t. The only reason why any of us “can’t” do it is that we are scared. And I do get it, it does take some planning, financially, work, freedom, but it’s not nearly as much as you think.

The first question is, why? America is great.

The drive to explore has always been in me. I’ve always wanted to do things differently. Normal never felt right.

When I was 21, I moved across the country knowing no one, all because I wanted to break away from the normal in the town I grew up in.

I loved being different, testing how much I could learn about myself by being thrown into a new world.

Ever since then, I’ve always been fighting to move to another country. The idea of being completely out of my element, knowing nothing, not even the language, fascinates me.

See, I love learning about other people, cultures. I feel it really expands who I am as a person. Going to a new country is to help me grow as a person.

When I started planning

I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve known it since my mid-teens. It’s what makes me happy.

This idea of moving to another country was in the planning phase 5 years ago. This is when I started my first company, at the fresh age of 23.

The company was built to give me the ability to work from anywhere in the world. I knew I wanted to work and travel, so I never wanted a company that would hold me down with retail space, physical products etc.

The company never amounted to much, but I was so happy I did it.

It made me realize how hard it really is to build a company but also gave me the confidence that I could do.

Ever since then, I never wanted a job that was the traditional 9-5. I drove my parents nuts, taking all these odd jobs, starting companies, shooting for the stars. I still think they think something is wrong with me.

But over the years, it became more and more clear, that I never wanted a job (or a relationship for that matter), because I had these dreams to travel, and I didn’t want anything to hold me back.

Since my first company, I’ve started several others and always working 1099/contract work with companies. I knew I needed to make it on my own to have the future I want to have.

The ultimate decision to just do it

See, I was always trying to build my life so I could financially afford to travel and continue to make money while I travel.

Over the years, I’ve gotten there from time to time, but then something happens. The company falls apart, the product goes away, which when you’re working for yourself, can eliminate your income.

4 weeks ago, I visited Puerto Vallarta for a week. The day after arriving back in the states I listed my house and began the process.

I spent all this time trying to create the perfect scenario, right income, right place, right everything. I realized there was never going to be a right time, I just needed to do it. Taking action in going after what I wanted was going to drive this to be my reality.

Think “what would I regret less”

This thought process has driven most of my decisions over the last few years and drove the decision to make this move.

Whenever you’re faced with a tough decision, ask yourself what you would regret less, then do that. It’s really that simple.

Example to my given scenario.

Scenario one – Stay in the U.S., don’t sell my house and continue to work on the business I have.

Scenario two – Sell my house, move to another country.

For me, I would never regret selling my house and trying to move to another country. I would, however, regret always wishing I did, but never doing it. So I did what I would regret less in the long run.

This decision drove me to start my last company and partner with another company.

I look at everything as when I’m 40, will I have any regret in pursuing this opportunity? If the answer is yes, I believe I would have regret, then I do it because I don’t want to ever have that sinking feeling of regret for not doing something. I’d much rather live with the life lesson of trying, failing but knowing I went for it.

Regret drives everything

Regret, or the thought of regret, drives my life. Find what drives yours and use it as the catalyst to all of your decisions.