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I don’t say this to be mean, I say this to be realistic. A digital marketing plan is having a sign outside of your business 10 years ago.

This is kind of a rant, so stay with me.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is the same man that tries to stop a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford.

Would you have ever bought a business, not put any signs up and thought, what the hell, people will show up to my building with no lights, no signs, hardly tell you’re open.

But the fact is, I talked to 100’s of businesses every day, and I hear the same thing “I don’t have a budget for digital marketing”.

No shit. No business is just sitting around with a few thousand dollars in their pocket thinking “Can’t wait to spend this on marketing.”

You need to find the money. you need to come up with a plan. And you need to do it quickly.

The best thing about digital marketing compared to old fashion marketing is, you can track it so much better!

Before, you’d throw up a billboard, hope and pray.

Advertising doesn’t need to be scary, it needs to be strategic.

Now you throw up Facebook Ads, hope and pray. But now you can track everything, impressions, click through rate, conversion rate, to know exactly how much it’s costing you.

If it cost you $100 to acquire a customer but that customer earns you $110, you should be running that marketing plan 1000x over, now you’ve made $10,000!

If people see you everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, retargeting ads, they assume you’re a badass business doing really well. This assumption is social proof, those other people are using you and that you are on top of your shit.

Digital marketing is about creating an image of you and your brand. It doesn’t need to be only for leads, only for sales, it’s about creating a small corner in the market of the web for you to hang out in and customers to find you.

Write to me if you need some help. Seriously, I’ll help you and come up with your own digital marketing plan. There would be zero cost involved.