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One month living in Mexico….It’s been..interesting.

The most difficult part of this journey has been finding a place to live with the standard amenities in the United States.

And by standard, I’m referring to hot water and internet.

I’ve moved 4 times in the 4 weeks. I really anticipated coming down, finding a place, moving, and being settled.

This constant flux has thrown me for a bit of a loop.

The first condo was only available for a couple weeks, then went to someone else already with a reservation.

Moved to the outskirts of town. House was nice, no internet. That’s a real struggle for someone who makes a living on the internet.

One week there, moved to another house. Now no hot water and still no internet. Only lasted 4 days here then ran.

Finally moved to my “long term rental”. Look 4 days to get hot water and internet, but now things are on the up and up.

But that’s only the bad.

The good of living in Mexico

Visited Guadalajara. Some amazing culture, beautiful statues, great food. It’s a lot like a major U.S. city, lot’s of traffic, some good neighborhoods, some bad.

Guadalajara is a great city for business, starting your own or doing general business in Mexico.

Took day trips to two small towns, Sayulitas and Bucerias.


sayulitas - living in mexico

Sayulitas (pictured above ) is this amazing, beautiful, full of culture town. The buildings are vibrant, the beach is surreal.


I was meeting a friend there. He takes a trip a few times a year with his son to do some surfing. It was good to catch up with someone from the states.

I then took a trip to Bucerias (sunset photo) with a friend. Every Thursday night they have this art walk. bucerias - living in mexicoSome of the art was breathtaking. The way the artist paints the eyes makes you feel like the work is staring into your soul.

The town itself is much more Americanized than Puerto Vallarta. Everyone spoke English and was mostly retired folks or long vacationers.

What I enjoyed about the town was the peacefulness. The streets were calm, a few people wandering around, but a peaceful feeling. Puerto Vallarta at times can feel busy. Lot’s of people crowded into a small town, buses everywhere.

Made a trip to a town call Yalapa.

This town is crazy, something straight out of a movie.

The only way to get in and out of town is by boat!

yalapas - living in mexico

The restaurant ran out of stuff to make margaritas. A staff member takes a boat 40minutes into Puerto Vallarta to restock.

The town is just amazing. It’s that cute Mexican village tucked away in the jungle.

A 15-minute walk through town takes you to a beautiful waterfall you can take a dip in.

What’s been my favorite part of living in Mexico is the accessibility to the beach.

What’s always helped me mentally recover or stay strong, has been the beach. Just a couple hours does me so much good.

Making sure I get to the beach a couple times a week has tremendously helped me recover, mentally, from work stress.


Living in Mexico has its challenges, most of which is having a limited number of people to talk to not knowing the language. Working hard to learn Spanish, I’m sure it will be a whole new experience when this happens.

I’m grateful for this opportunity. This trip is meant to challenge myself – The more I challenge myself, the more I grow.