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Numerous books, podcast, life hacks talk about being grateful. That being grateful leads to many good things, keeps them humble, keeps things in perspective.

Okay, I can get with that.

I started with the 5-minute journal, talked a lot about by Tim Ferriss.

In the 5 minute journal, you’re writing down 3 things every morning you’re grateful for.

This was good, other than the fact I forgot to do the damn journal 50% of the time.

Ok, what’s my next move?

Then one day, maybe 2 weeks ago, I started replacing the word thankful with grateful.

I’m not thankful for you helping me with directions, I’m grateful. I’m not thankful to have people to be around when I’m not with my family, I’m grateful for them allowing me to be around them.

To me, thankful just sounds like something we have gotten used to saying. Thank you for the coffee, thank you for allowing me to merge on the highway, thank you for not being an asshole.

But grateful. Grateful has a different appreciation.

Grateful feels like you actually give a shit. It feels like you really appreciate that person or the thing they did for you.

Since this word has crept into my life, I’ve found a new appreciation for really everything.

For example, I’m living in Mexico right now. There’s a girl, Silvia, who has been helping me with so much. In her Christmas card, I told her I was grateful for what she’s done, not thankful.

Without her, I would have been confused, lost, wondering in uncharted territory with no idea what to do.

As I woke up and went for my morning run, I was grateful for another beautiful day, the fact I’m able to run outside in paradise.

It’s about making your mind shift to being grateful for what you do have, instead of ungrateful for what you don’t, or what others have that you don’t.

See, I got really sad this morning. It’s Christmas. I live in Mexico with no family here. I’ve never spent Christmas away from my family. I was sad that Silvia was able to be with her family and really have the Christmas they always get to have.

But then I took a second, and just remembered that I’m grateful her family has allowed me to share their time. That without them, today may have been a little sadder.

For me, this is a shift in keeping things in perspective. I’m on a mission to create the strongest mind and body ever over the next 12 months. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m grateful that every decision I’ve made in my life lead me to where I am today. Living in paradise, working on projects I love, writing about topics that can change people’s lives.