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My morning was bursting with energy. Jumped out of bed, in the gym within 15 minutes of waking up, running around, ideas flowing, ready to work.

This never happens to me. Ever. My mornings are slow and methodical. Why the hell was it different now?

The beginning

My life as an entrepreneur began a few years back, starting a vitamin company (which failed), working as a contractor in sales and marketing, running a marketing program for gyms, and a handful of other start-up projects.

I absolutely love this life, the freedom to come in and help companies grow, make my own decisions, choose who I work with, not being confined to a cubical.

But it’s fucking brutal. The last 20 months I have gotten wrecked. One failed start-up, very little cash flow, down to a few dollars in my bank account and have no idea where the next paycheck is coming from.

The lack of security is freighting, but it’s also exhilarating. You know every dollar you earn is because of you, you fought for that dollar and now that mother fucker is yours.

If you don’t have money, it’s your fault, you haven’t been patient enough, you haven’t hustled hard enough.

I like the pressure being on me. It helps motivate me.

My happy place

This week, I’m waking up on a beach in Puerto Vallarta. Magnificent view of the ocean, mountains in the backdrop faded by the haze in the air. The sound of the waves pounding against the sand.

makes you happy

I woke up full of energy because I’m in my happy place.

As I’m running around this morning, full of energy, I stop and think, holy shit, this is what happens when you do what makes you happy.

This 2-second thought reminded me why I deal with the lows of this life, fight for what I believe and do everything in my power to have the life I want.

And the life I want is the ability to wake up on the beach, in a different country, working my ass off while enjoying 100% of my life.

If you’re struggling with pursuing your dream, take a step back, remember why you do it. If you need to, take that trip to your happy place or get a glimpse of what you’re fighting for.

It’s eye-opening. A swift reminder of what there truly is in this world.