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Another crazy week down. Our start-up is going through quite a bit of ups and downs right now, more downs than normal, but my outside projects are going great!

Over the last week, my work productivity is through the fucking roof. I work a minimum of 15 hours a day, including weekends. It’s a good thing I absolutely love what I do! It’s hard to tell if it’s an adjusted morning routine from waking up early, doing my list of 10 ideas or something new I picked up from Tim Ferriss’s podcast (which we will get to).

But, let’s get to the good stuff. what has happened over the last week with the Tim Ferriss experiment!

Review of 10 creative ideas in the morning

morning routine creative ideas

With that, I need to make sure I’m up early enough, around 5 am, to not feel crazy rushed and be able to have a quality morning routine to get my day started.

With that, the 10 creative idea’s has been great.

My experience was, it was difficult to get my mind going, so the first couple thoughts were hard to come by.

After the first couple started flowing, it was a bit easier, usually getting somewhere around 10. Sometimes I was really grasping at straws during the last couple ideas.

The improvement I felt

For me, it was a productivity uptick. I instantly wanted to start working. I was actually trying to get the list done faster so I could get to work.

There was much more awareness throughout the day, that alert feeling. It really was helpful for the way my mind worked during the day.

P.267 Morning flooding by Scott Adams

Scott Adams is a writer. I really enjoyed a short portion of this section called morning flooding.

Morning flooding is flushing all the old problems and ideas from your mind and filling them with brand new ideas and problems, anything that you’ve never thought of before.

What I found interesting was how he mentioned he listens to his body when doing this. He fills up his mind with all these ideas. When he gets that feeling, that gut feeling, like when you meet the right woman feeling, that it’s a great idea.

This is perfect timing after working off the “10 creative ideas”. Easy to combine the two in really getting the mind going every morning.

I already know my biggest area of struggle will be clearing my mind, so an extra effort will be made to meditate every morning prior to mind flushing routine.

The special productivity hack I picked up

I wasn’t going to leave you with nothing!

I was listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast. He mentioned taking a nap around 3 or 4 to up productivity every night. By taking a 90-minute nap, he’s able to work another full 6-8 hours, productively, throughout the night.

So, I started doing 30-minute naps around 5 or 5:30. And I felt fantastic! I’m able to work easily throughout the night, at least another 5-6 hours, then get to bed around midnight.

Since I started doing this, I’ve rebuilt 2 websites and completed 4 marketing certifications, along with doing regular work all day!

Try it out, let me know how you feel!