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Tools of Titans is a book I simply can’t put down.

I re-read it, different sections, bounce around. It’s really fascinating, and he has a new book coming out (name slips my mind), but it has a similar vibe.

The last couple weeks have been crazy. I spent a week in Mexico (another blog post to come on that), and have now returned home. I started doing some work for a new start-up to help them find some clients, which all seemed great, but then I overheard some employees talking how they think they could be out of business any day, sooooo could be interesting over the next couple of weeks.

Anyways, we are here to learn about the process of Scott Adams mind flooding.

Review of mind flooding

I got to be honest, I didn’t get much from this. Now, I could suck at it, which is highly likely, but it just wasn’t hitting home for me.

The goal is to flush your brain with all new content in the morning, news, blogs, all the above, and then let your brain process these thoughts, creating ideas…Or something along those lines.

As I did this, I never really felt different than I did any other morning.

The reason I focus so much on morning routines is I’m bad in the morning. I wake up and instantly want to start working, not taking any time for myself.

But this mind flooding might take a back seat for a while. Maybe I’ll need to re-focus on it at a later date.

One goal – Scott Adams P.261

Yes, this is the same guy that does mind flooding. I was already here so figured, why not.

One goal is what we all did at some point as a child after doing something wrong.

Mrs. Johnson would make me write on the board “I will not talk in class” 100x.

That’s the principle behind Scott Adams one goal.

Focus on one goal, write it out 15x a day, say it your head, over and over and over.

But, the key is to make yourself an integral part of it, as in “I, Elliot Manson, will not talk in class”

His reference is that, if someone calls out your name in a crowd with lots of noise, you can still hear it. But adding in your name, you’re allowing your brain to recognize it.

So, I started mine this morning. It goes as “I, Elliot Manson, will make $4,000 in passive income a month”.

Now, you keep the same goal, day in day out. Don’t go switching it up!


In the coming weeks, I have some pretty great news. It’s a combination of perfect timing and following opportunity. Stay tuned.