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Supplement companies rule the fitness world right now.

And I have absolutely nothing wrong with supplement companies, in fact, I’m a customer to many of them.

What I have a problem with is your awful marketing. I follow or have followed, hundreds of supplement companies, and they all fall into the same game.

The problem

The real issue behind their marketing is all they do is push products.

Discount here, discount there, new product here, life-changing product there.

Cool, bro, you offer a lot of discounts. Guess what, nobody gives a shit.

All you’re doing is catching someone if they happen to be right in the buying mode. You need literally the perfect customer for your marketing to have any impact on their buying decision.

The solution

Offer something of value, real value, for free.

Put out series of articles on how each of the ingredients in a certain product benefits the user.

Workout routines.

Find case studies to push.

Do interviews with a nutritionist.

Put together healthy diet options.

Your marketing plan should be “provide so much value to the user, they never feel they should look somewhere else for a product or for information.”

Someone, please help them

Someone, anyone, please do something different. Save your industry from the terrible marketing being done. Step outside the box, be different, be an industry leader.

Don’t rely on hot women and jacked men, who were already hot and jacked before taking your products (news flash, we’re all onto it), instead, rely on good information. Rely on really trying to help people.