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Your mind races. You wonder if your response to the stranger at Starbucks was adequate. Always curious if you’re being a good enough friend. Did you make the right decision when the customer had a difficult question…

The thoughts linger in our minds for hours. It’s hard to flush it out and you don’t know why. Often you think “why I am I still thinking about this, It was so small.” But you can’t stop your brain from wondering if it was the right decision.

I suffer from this, too. I overthink nearly everything in my life. I use to think it was bad, but the more I learn about life and the mind, my opinion has altered.

This is not science, this is purely my opinion on what overthinking really tell us about who we are and what we value.

Overthinking means you are paying attention.

Ever have that friend who seems oblivious to their surroundings? Things happen, people react, and they noticed none of it. Does that confuse you like it confuses me?

See, this friend is so caught up in their own world they have failed to notice the world around them.

But you, you overthinker you, notice everything. You notice how your actions immediately impact the people around you. You are courteous to others. Oblige by the rules that keep the world going round.

By overthinking the little decisions that many people may have never noticed, it means you’re paying attention to how your actions impact others, impact the world.

You’re paying attention to what other people might be feeling, what they need and if you did what was right.

By you overthinking, you’re showing that you care more about how you impacted others than you impact yourself.

Overthinking means you’re self-aware.

Self-Awareness is a hot new buzzword; tossed around quite a bit on social media. Being self-aware of who you are to ultimately do what makes you happy.

And I tend to agree with that. When you overthink situations, like if a job really makes you happy, your current relationship, how you spend your free time, it means you’re aware of how every decision ultimately impacts your life.

The social media gurus of today say self-awareness is the key to happiness. But you could never be self-aware if you don’t forcefully overthink about who you are and what you desire.

Nobody can truly learn who they are if they don’t take a hard look at themselves and really understand how they felt in past situations and what they see for a future.

Keep overthinking in situations about life. It only means you’re taking the time to understand if it’s truly the best decision for you. Not for your mother, your best friend, but for you.


Overthinking is stressful, it keeps us up at night, our minds busy when they need to be resting. Try implementing a meditation strategy to help with the thought process, but don’t stop thinking. It’s imperative for your growth in understanding who you and how your life needs to be to truly bring you happiness.