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We all hear find your passion and do what you love.

Thanks, captain obvious, sounds like a great idea. But how?

If you think the rest of this will tell you how, you’re in the wrong damn spot.

No fucking clue how you find your passion.

If I had to take a stab, here it goes.

  1. Try a bunch of different shit
  2. Fuck previous said shit up
  3. Try some more
  4.  Screw a little less up
  5. Rinse and repeat

I do know it doesn’t come overnight. You’re not sitting in a Denny’s drunk off your ass and all of a sudden it smacks you in the face.

But man, when you do, it’s like this compass. It’s this guided light, the northern star.

Every decision you make is to get you a little closer to that light.

You don’t hesitate. You know the right decision every time. You don’t mind working late. Working weekends becomes 2 extra days to out work others.

But it’s also scary. It’s really fucking scary to pursue your dream. You’ll probably question what you do every day.

You put yourself out there. Out there in a place where you’re really vulnerable.

You’ll get rejected. You’ll get trampled. Some asshole will probably tell you you’re no good because they hate the fact you’re following your passion and they got their hand buried in a bag of Doritos watching How I Met Your Mother for the 17th fucking time.

But it seems to hurt a little less. Because You know it’s okay. You know in the deepest parts of you that you’re onto something. This is the true you. You’re being true to yourself.

To me, finding your passion comes from digging really fucking deep inside yourself. Layer after layer. You gotta peal them back. You need to really challenge your thoughts. What makes you happy and why. You are making every attempt to pear into your soul.

For me, I use to think I was passionate about marketing. That’s not it.

Marketing is a way for me to change other people’s lives. To help people achieve their dreams. So, is that my passion? Helping others achieve their dreams?

Still not there. It’s not helping people achieve their dreams. It’s opening up a new world for people through opportunity, through being able to give them something they never thought possible.

Buttttt, still have one more layer. This layer is the deepest one (that I’ve come to). I want to give my future children all the possibilities in the world. I want to give them opportunities to do anything they want. I want them to know their father changed a lot of lives, and it’s their job to know take this world of endless opportunities and do better. Have more impact. Be more to society. Be the extraordinary human that I believe is in everyone, if they just had someone help open the world of opportunity.