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First, I need to switch up my process. When I initially started this, I was planning on trying to do a new task out of the book every day. That just wasn’t reasonable. I couldn’t focus enough on each task, constantly trying to implement something new. It made me feel overwhelmed, which I’m guessing is the opposite of what these suggestions in the book should do 🙂

So, I’m now doing 1 a week, Everything Thursday. I will spend the next week working on implementing the new experiment into my life, then providing feedback. Scouts honor.

Recap thus far

Let’s recap real quick where we are at. So far, the experiments I’ve implemented are:

All have provided great value. Fear setting has been my favorite, really helping me uncover what I want in life and what’s holding me back.

For ease of implementation, wishing two people happiness every day. This only takes a couple of seconds, but it makes me smile every time, really helping brighten up my day. And, I usually seem to wish people happiness who seem to be rude or in a hurry, maybe having a bad day. I feel they could use the mental support 🙂

Review of giving your brain something to think about

This was interesting. As a recap, you’re supposed to think/write down a problem you’re having or need to solve before going to bed. Then, as you wake up, you should spend time working on that problem. The goal is your brain has processed the thoughts overnight, allowing you to wake up with a fresh look.

My problem was about my business. To be specific, I’ve been battling trying to find a new way to get clients without cold calling (I hate cold calling). I will talk to warm leads all day, but hate making that blanket cold call.

I can’t say I woke up with this ah hah moment of a solution. Never happened. But what I can tell you is, over the course of the week, I completely overhauled how I get new clients (in the process of implementing). I wrote an e-book, built the concept of the sales funnel I plan on using and know how I’m going to advertise it!

There’s obviously no way of knowing if I can contribute the thought of going to bed with this though as the sole reason I was able to move forward, but I don’t think it hurt! Plus, thinking about a theoretical problem, a complicated business problem, help me fall asleep!

Review of James Altucher 20 ideas, P. 246

I read through James Altucher’s section the other day and instantly jumped on it, so I’ve gotten a bit of head start on this one!

His idea is to write down 10 ideas each morning. Ideas can be anything.

James Altucher P. 246

I thought this idea was great. It really gets the brain moving and thinking early! The goal is to not be too hard on yourself. Come up with some dumb ideas, it doesn’t matter, that’s why there is 10!

My ideas were centered around my business, as always…I probably need to start thinking about some other shit.

Anyways, I woke up one morning and wrote out my 10 ideas, and inadvertently built my sales funnel!

This made me really happy. The ideas just started to flow. These are my actual notes, good luck actually reading my handwriting.

Elliot Manson 10 ideas

Since I wrote this out, I started implementing my sales funnel (as mentioned above). I’m excited to get in a habit of doing this every morning over the next week.