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I have been working from home for about 4 years. I always hear the same two things, “you’re so lucky to work from home” and “I could never work from home”. They are both valid responses. Working from home can be great. It can also be a struggle.

The Good

No commute

Not having a commute is the greatest pleasure in working from home. For many of us, that gives us at least an hour back in our day.

cheaper to eat/drink

In general, you most likely will not spend as much eating out or getting coffee being that you access to what’s in your house all day. If you’re like me and eat a pretty healthy diet, being able to cook all day keeps my diet on track.

Never rushed in the morning

It’s fantastic not needing to rush a shower, coffee, breakfast in the 30 minutes you give yourself to get ready for work. It’s a much more peaceful morning.

Get household chores done

When we are at the office and need a break from work, we go talk to a co-worker, walk around the office or go get coffee. It’s great but pretty useless time spent. When I need a break, I can do laundry, clean, run an errand. It allows me to get things done during the day that would otherwise be done after work.

The Bad

Roll out of bed and work

It’s extremely easy to roll out of bed and start working before you have given yourself any time in the morning. Sometimes I’ll start working, not realized till several hours later I still haven’t eaten.

It’s really hard to turn work off

Work seems to never stop. But at least when you leave the office, it’s easier to leave your work there. Working from home, your laptop is always open with work just sitting in front of you.

Easy to get distracted

If you’re not a self-starter or find it hard to stay focused, I would strongly advise to never take a role working from home. There is the countless distraction around your home including the ease of just not doing any work and no one really noticing. That sounds great, but people will eventually find out.

It gets really lonely

You know that feeling of having co-workers to bounce ideas off of or the water cooler chatting. Yeah, that’s all gone. From my experience, most days are spent not talking to too many co-workers unless you’re on conference calls. It can get boring and lonely very fast.

Working from home can be absolutely great for the right person. Take a deep dive into who you are before deciding you want to work from home.