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Ahhh, autoplay videos. The perfect way to get your amazing video in front of your customers. You don’t need them to press play, they just land on your site and your perfectly crafted message is in their face.

In theory, fantastic idea. Videos are huge in today’s and can be a fantastic way to get your message across quickly.

But there’s a big problem with the autoplay videos. Sound!

If you’ve noticed, FB and Instagram mute all videos when they are auto-played until you tell them not to. If the most powerful marketing company in the world does this, you should, too.

In today’s world, over half the searches are being done on mobile.

So let’s picture your customer. They are doing one of two things.

Listening to music/podcast/audiobook.

Their volume is up. It’s loud, in their ear. They’re scrolling through Google. Your perfect ad you’re paying $3 a click for shows up. It’s a perfect match. They click on your ad and bam! Your loud video starts playing in their ear.

What do they do? They back out. Immediately. Every time.

Or, this person is sitting in a waiting room, on the bus, at dinner. Same thing, loud video, but now everyone hears it! Again, they leave your page. Immediately. Every time.

This person will not come back to your site. They will go to the next ad or link that best gets their attention. Your customer is gone.

Luckily, there are a couple very simple fixes.

Easy one, don’t make it autoplay. I know I know, it’s kind of sexy when the video auto-plays, either in the background or upon reaching the site.

But if your customer is really diving into your content, they will press play.

Another option is removing the sound. If it’s an informational video, this is a little difficult, but if it’s a background video, this is a must.

Very simple fixes the dramatically improve the overall experience on your site.