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Let’s be honest, this should always be your marketing strategy but rarely do people do it well. Most marketing teams are currently scrambling, trying to change messaging and develop new ways to talk to your potential customers. When something changes the landscape this fast, we tend to move without thinking, so this will hopefully allow at least one person to take a step back and think about their next step.

We all really need to think about your customers more than ever. How has this impacted them? What are they dealing with? What kind of needs to they have now? Everything important to them has currently shifted, which means most of your marketing needs to shift. And more importantly, think, what can I do to help my customers through these times. And don’t just pretend to think like oh yeah, my services are great and will help them keep their business afloat. Genuinely care. I keep saying think but the right word is care. Show empathy. Dig as deep as you can to come up with a solution you can provide to your customer or future customer that truly helps them during this very tough time they are going through.

This is Zoom offering free service for all schools. This is UberEats offering free delivery. This is caring about your customer’s situation and coming up a solution to benefit them today, and maybe you in the future.

If you’re a service-based business, cut your fees. Offer 1 month free. Do free consulting. I can promise, if you earn a customer during this time, they are going to be a customer for life and you’ll make your money back 10x.

Then, look at what part of your marketing you can shift and shift quickly. Now, if you’re running ads in Google, Bing, LinkedIn, sending emails, creating blogs, ABM, nurturing campaigns, video ads, no, you can’t nor do you want to change everything at once. By the time you actually got around to developing a completely new strategy, your time would have come and gone. But what you need to do is pick either one or two platforms to change or change small campaigns within those platforms.

So, let’s say your service is backlinking. If you’re sending automated LinkedIn pitches and cold emails, yeah, I’d stop right now. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and what’s the likelihood of them actually giving two shits about backlinks when they are trying to save their business from this economic disaster looming over everyone.

However, if you’re running Google Ads for the keyword “seo backlinking service”, you absolutely don’t need to change that. It’s still the same high intent, the bottom of funnel user and they are looking for a reason.

What your marketing needs to do now more than ever is show that you care. You care about helping them solve really big problems. You care about helping them keep their business afloat. Not so you can make money, but so they keep their lights on.